Ret-iN CaM®

Transform your smartphone into a portable retinograph

Ret-iN CaM®

Record and share your fundus images.

Document and share your ophthlmoscopic examinations.

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The ideal portable, simple and affordable retinograph for:

  • Early diagnosis and follow up of: Diabetic retinopathy, AMD, glaucoma, retinopathy of prematurity, retinal detachment, uveítis, retinoblastoma...
  • Telemedicine: Easily share high resolution fundus images with other professionals, safeguarding patients identity.
  • Trasnsportation: Its portability allows obtaining fundus images in hospital wards, operating theaters, emergency rooms and rural areas.
  • Training: Implement training by reviewing images at any time on your smartphone or computer.
  • Doctor-patient relationship improvement: by showing the patients fundus images right after examination.

Download your app from here:

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How to use the Ret-iN CaM?

  • Dilate the patient's pupil (> 5mm).
  • Set the smartphone video to the máximum resolution.
  • Adapt your smartphone and 20D lens to the Ret-iN CaM®.
  • Open the mobile application on your smartphone. Make sure the flash light illuminates the entire tube equally.
  • Approach the Ret-iN CaM® to the patient's dilated pupil (up to approximately 3 cm), press record, and autofocus several by pressing on the fundus image on the screen.
  • Keep all images sorted with an innovative color code that will help you find images easily.


  • Lightweight: 150gr.
  • Affordable.
  • 3D printed.
  • No power supply or thecnical support requirements.
  • Compatible with 20D aspherical Volk and Ocular lenses.
  • Compatible with most smartphones on the market (except for iPhone X).
  • High image quality (Hold to: smartphone used, degree of pupil dilation and media opacity).


  • Vision: The indiscriminate use of plastics is producing waste that causes an undesirable impact on our planet.
  • Mission: To create recycled and recyclable products of high quality and design reducing the environmental impact.
  • Strategy: 3-D technology allows a production on demand avoiding massive production. Our R&D department investigates new materials to reduce the impact our planet receives.
  • Fact: We use biodegradable and compostable materials of plant origin in the production of the Ret-iN CaM adapters.

Humanitarian action

  • Ret-iN CaM is committed to using part of its benefits in a fund for the delivery of adapters to NGOs working for visual health in developing countries.
  • With your purchase, you are contributing to improve the visual health of millions of people in the world.

Images captured with Ret-iN CaM®

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Ret-iN CaM®